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Cybersecurity Interview
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Top 10 Technical Questions to Ask in a Cybersecurity Interview

What Is Cryptography? Cryptography is when the cybersecurity pros use algorithms and other methods to keep sensitive user information (like passwords and social security numbers) safe from anyone who shouldn’t have that information, which is confidential. There are different types of cryptography, like the public keys and hash functions, and each is implemented differently by […]

Three Goals of Cyber Security
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What Are the Three Goals of Cyber Security?

Importance of Cyber Security: Benefits and Disadvantages Protects personal data, helps preserve the reputation, and enhances productivity through better data management. Improve cyber security posture, help maintain trust and credibility, and streamline and support the IT team. What Are the Disadvantages of Cyber Security? Regular updates, Talent shortage, Complex setup, constant monitoring, and Slower systems […]

Cyber security analyst
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What Is the Qualification Criteria for Cyber Security Analyst?

A cyber security analyst is responsible for protecting a company’s network and systems from cyberattacks.  This can involve researching IT trends, creating contingency plans, reviewing suspicious activities, reporting security breaches, and educating the rest of the company on security measures. Cyber security analysts are also responsible for implementing threat protection to measure the security of controls. […]

Cyber Security Courses in India
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10 Best Government Cyber Security Courses in India

In today’s rapidly changing world, living without the internet is next to impossible. But its benefits come with certain precautions. To grow in this digital world, you need to know about Cybersecurity. You can learn Cybersecurity from multiple sources such as courses, institutions, books, and lectures. However, learning from a government cyber security in India […]

Cyber Security
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What Is Cyber Security Salary in India?

What is Cybersecurity? Cyber security, or information security, is an area of expertise and knowledge consisting of practice, processes, and technologies to secure systems, networks, and data from potential cybersecurity threats and cyberattacks. The individuals specializing in this field are cyber security experts. This is a booming industry because of the increase in cybersecurity threats. […]

Cyber Security
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What Is SOC Full Form in Cyber Security?

With the changing realm of cybersecurity, threats, and crime can happen anytime. Companies need reliable protectors to safeguard their systems, data, and sensitive information. SOC is one defense mechanism for such threats. Today, we’ll help you understand What SOC is, SOC full form, its importance, SOC analyst full form, and the best SOC course online. […]