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CCSP stands for Certified Cloud Security Professional Course, which is covered by a non-profit organization that is International Information System Security Certification. This organization has expertise in training and certification for cybersecurity professionals. Some data say that it is the largest IT security organization in the world. This organization is widely known for its certification in CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) training course is the most sought-after certification by ISC2. This course will enable you to negate security threats on your cloud storage. This will happen by understanding information security risks and implementing strategies to maintain data security.

If you have expertise in cloud security architecture, design, applications, and operations, with the CCSP training certification course, you’ll get step-by-step guidance and easy-to-follow, detailed lesson plans about every aspect of CCSP. It helps accelerate your career in the growing field of cloud security.

CCSP Certification Key Features

These are key features of the CCSP Course: 

  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning
  • Industry-recognized course completion certificate
  • 7 real-world case studies
  • Exam Voucher Included
  • Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Live online classes conducted by industry experts with much more interaction.

CCSP Certification Key Features

  • Cloud Data Security
  • Cloud Platform amp Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Concepts Design and Architecture
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud Security Operations
  • Legal Risk and Compliance
  • Cloud Data Lifecycle
  • Encryption
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Modeling
  • Risk management and analysis for Vulnerabilities 
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity


Cloud computing is a leading sector, at least 6.5 times annually, and the demand for cloud services. And some analyzers say it will continue to grow by 22% per year through the year 2020.  According to the job searching portal Glassdoor, there is annual salary of a principal information security professional ranges between 11 Lakh to 15 Lakh. Here is a list, that shows the top 15 countries by CISSP Member Counts, from this, you can imagine the growing possibilities of this course.

CCSP Course Program


This CCSP certification course is ideal for learning and exploring your career opportunities. If you want to learn and explore IT network security and cloud computing. This course is also beneficial for Enterprise Architect, Security Administrators, System Engineer, Security Architects, Security Consultants, Security Engineer, Security Managers, and System Architects.
Here are some eligibility criteria given, you should consider- 

  • Total five years of experience required:
  • Three years in information security
  • One year in CCSP domain areas.


  • Your bachelor’s or Master’s degree in CS/IT can substitute for one year of experience
  • If you have an approved ISC2 credential it can be substituted for one year of experience in the domain
  • An active CISSP certification can replace the requirement of five years of experience
  • Your Part-time work and internships can count toward your experience


  • Become an ISC2 Partner
  • Pass the CCSP exam
  • To become a full CCSP, You should Earn five years of required experience within six years.


If you have at least five years of cumulative, paid work experience in information technology including three years of information security and one of the six domains then you are eligible for this exam. Every candidate must pass the exam for CCSP certification. 

  • Basic understanding of security concepts
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing
  • Networking and Cryptography Skills
  • Experience with security tools and technologies

CCSP exam and Certification:

The CCSP exam content has been refreshed to reflect the most common problems cloud security professionals face, along with best practices for mitigating those problems. Some topics have been updated while others have been reorganized. The result is an exam that more accurately reflects the knowledge and practical experience with cloud security architecture, design, operations, and service orchestration.

Previous CCSP Domain Name

Domain 1: Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements

Domain 2: Cloud Data Security

Domain 3: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

Domain 4: Cloud Application Security

Domain 5: Operations

Domain 6: Legal & Compliance

New CCSP Domain Name

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design

Domain 2: Cloud Data Security

Domain 3: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

Domain 4: Cloud Application Security

Domain 5: Cloud Security Operations

Domain 6: Legal Risk and Compliance

The cumulative scoring weighting of each region.

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design – 17%

Domain 2: Cloud Data Security – 19%

Domain 3: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security – 17%

Domain 4: Cloud Application Security – 17%

Domain 5: Cloud Security Operations – 7%

Domain 6: Legal, Risk and Compliance – 13%


What is CCSP?

CCSP stands for Certified Cloud Security Professional, which enhances your advanced skills and knowledge in the ability to manage, design, and secure data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud with the best policies and procedures provided by the cybersecurity experts at ISC2.

What are the benefits of becoming a CCSP?

The benefits of being CCSP-certified are:
1. Career visibility and credibility increases
2. Certification provides job security and creates new job opportunities.
3. Allows you to gain versatile vendor-neutral skills that can be applied to a variety of technologies and methodologies
4. Gain access to a global community of cybersecurity leaders.
5. Be better prepared to prevent cyber attacks and inspire a safer cyber world
6. On average, (ISC2) members report earning 35% more than non-members.

How do I enroll in this online training??

You can enroll in this training on our website and make an online payment using any of the following options:
· Visa Credit or Debit Card
· MasterCard
· American Express
· Diner’s Club
· PayPal
You will automatically receive information via email when your online payment is received.

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