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Ethical Hacking Roadmap
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Without wasting your time we want to clarify there is no special difference between ‘Ethical Hacking’ and ‘Certified Ethical Hacking.’  As you know our era is so technological and our businesses are dependent on online operations. These things must go on a higher level at the upcoming time. But after feeling the above factors, we can feel also the importance of your secure network and data. In this digital world, companies are always under stress regarding their data and valuable information, so they hire network security experts.

If you are interested in building a career in ethical hacking and cyber security, you are in the right place. Here, we are giving a complete ethical hacking roadmap to find your future in this field. Now, read this article and take a step forward towards your professional hacking career. Let’s begin-

Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?

When we hear about hacking, we think this is a cyber attack, data threat, and fraud. But here we are using one word “Ethical”, which is capable of changing the entire meaning of hacking. This means that ethical hacking is that cool thing that allows you to assess a network that belongs to someone else but with the permission of that party. This means that this function is used with permission for the right reason.

Mainly it is a special type of permission that allows defense organizations to identify any potential problems. Often an ethical hacker works in an IT department. They are allowed to perform ethical hacking to protect their networks from intruder attacks from unknown sources. Salary will be more attractive in this field after you have expertise. This field is so demanding that secures your future.

Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking

  1. For any purpose, before accessing a private network, you should take legal permissions. 
  2. Be clear in your mind about your work and always follow the legal limits.
  3. Check the sensitive data on the network and report them to authorities with the remedial options. 
  4. An expert ethical hacker will always stick to the contract and his non-disclosure agreement.

5 Reasons You Should Be an Ethical Hacker?

The field of ethical hacking is fascinating, but many other reasons can attract you to be an ethical hacker. Every person has varied reasons for joining the ethical hacking profession. Here are some major reasons to join an ethical hacking niche-

Growing Opportunities

Irrespective of the sector, every organization plans to switch to cloud networks. While some have already started working on the cloud, others will join the wagon. So, you can expect a sudden increase in job opportunities in this industry. If you have the expertise level required by organizations, you will never find a shortage of options.

Attractive Salary

In this profession, at the beginning stage, you can expect to get around 10 LPA. As your experience increases, your salary will also increase. And if your job is somewhere in the defense sector or a government-owned body, then you are likely to get a higher package. You will keep getting new challenges in this field every day, so you will never feel bored.

Moreover, technology changes every day, so you have to always be ready to keep up with the changing trends and deliver the best results. So, if you want to stay active and face new challenges every day, hacking is an ideal option.

Job Security

The demand for this industry is only going to increase in the coming years, so choosing ethical hacking can secure your career. Companies will never stop using online networks for better performance and they will always need security professionals to help keep networks secure.

There are countless other reasons to pursue ethical hacking as a career. All you have to do is take a professional certification course and gain expertise in the field to deliver the best results to every organization. Moreover, since technology and its features are constantly changing, you must be updated with the latest trends and keep up with the changing dynamics to prove your worth.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker through the CEH Exam?

If you want to become an ethical hacker then you will have to pass the eligibility test for this and to be eligible, you must have a technical background.

CEH: It is essential to appear in the ‘Certified Ethical Hacking Exam’ to become an ethical hacker. After the exam, you should join an online cyber security course and achieve a certificate in ethical hacking. After certification, you are ready to start your professional journey. Once you have the certificate, you can grab the attractive opportunities.

Objective of CEH

The purpose of the CEH exam is to train professionals and make them qualified hackers so that companies can consider them. The basic objectives of CEH are-

  • To secure the standards of information security and credentialing the hackers working in this field.
  • Making ethical hacking a unique profession. 
  •  Train the professionals to tackle of all types of cyber security threats and hacking. 
  • Secure the EC council standards in this field.

Exam Overview

Every professional working in this field has to face this test. Let’s discuss the examination scenarios- 

  • Multiple-choice 125 questions. 
  • Time duration 4 hours. 
  • Must score 70% or above. 
  • Apply through an online web portal. 
  • If you have taken classes regularly there will be no tough challenge.


  • If you get failed in this examination then you can go for the retakes. 
  • Scan a copy of the previous score, pay the examination fee, and send it to the e-council manager via email. 
  • You must renew your certification after every three years.

Eligibility Criteria for CEH

  • No matter how attracted you are, if you are thinking about it then you should tackle this test. There are two methods to get this certification, one with training and another without a formal course. 
  • With Training: You should attend the official training program approved by the EC council training. If you have already expertise in cyber security, you can go for online classes. After training, you will be eligible to sit for the CEH Exam.
  • Without Training: If you are thinking of sitting the CEH exam without training you should enroll for an approved training course. You must have at least two years of experience in the field of information security.

Role of an Ethical Hacker

  1. An ethical hacker has permission to breach the security system. 
  2. An ethical hacker keeps a close watch on the online networks, data, and security systems. They protect against intrusive data, networks, and operations that may be trying to be misused by another party.
  3. An ethical hacker is a perfect example for defense organizations. They hire professional ethical hackers to encode the planning and stay prepared for another turn of enemies. 
  4. An ethical hacker prepares a strong, protective layer around the network to fail every cyber attack. 
  5. An ethical hacker has legal access the foreign networks to collect the required information to make a proper security plan.

Skills Required

As you know this is the field of information technology, so without any technical background you are unable to become a certified ethical hacker. But also keep in mind that you should also have other essential skills like –

  • Basic Computer Skills: You need to know fundamental computer skills like – MS Office, OS, File Management, Database Storage, emails, and social media management. Also, be familiar with other computer operations.
  • Computer Networks: This is a mandatory skill for an ethical hacker. You must know about DHCP, host connections, subnetting, and managing the interconnection of different computers on the same network.
  • Coding Skills: An ethical hacker should have a deeper understanding of at least one programming language. You can choose anyone from it – SQL, Python, C-Programming, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, etc. You can use ‘GitHub’ to gain expertise in coding. 
  • Hardware Knowledge: Knowledge of Hardware ensures perfect network connections. So, you should know about different parts of your computer and machines. If you know about network setup or security operation it is better for you. This knowledge can be useful to you during training.
  • Database Management: You should also know about database management because this is a prime reason for network switches. Sharpen your DBMS skills and be prepared to keep data safe from attacks by intruders. You need to learn database organization and storage management.
  • Problem-Solving Skill: To make your mark in the industry, you must have problem-solving skills. If you want to see yourself progress well in this field, then you must have problem-solving skills.

These are the basic skills that every aspiring person planning to become a certified ethical hacker needs. If you lack these skills, then you should start preparing to acquire these skills and ensure that your expertise level will be good enough for cyber security and network operations.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

In the field of IT, ethical hacking is a highly sought-after and extremely interesting field. Ethical hacking gives benefits to individuals and organizations. As you see companies are requiring qualified professionals to deal with online security management and individuals are getting attractive salary packages along with job security. Some special benefits are – 

  1. Safe your data and network from intruders. 
  2. Identify the probable risks and prepare your network on time to avoid those risks. 
  3. Make an effective network strategy to help organizations and make a smoother transition to cloud networks. 
  4. This IT field will expectedly be growing to continue and it will be more compulsory in future. 
  5. A professional ethical hacker gets job security for a lifetime and an expert ethical hacker gets attractive salary packages.  

But, if you want to get all these benefits and packages, you should be an expert in ethical hacking.


There are many training programs and opportunities in the cyber or network security field. Only a person with proven expertise is required. So, if you think you have what it takes to become an excellent hacker, CEH is the right choice for you.

We have covered a detailed ethical hacking roadmap that aims to clear every doubt and confusion about becoming a certified ethical hacker. You can start by joining a professional training program, learning the skills needed to be an ethical hacker, and applying for the exam. Give your best, and once you qualify for the exam, don’t look back! After that, all you need to do is continue working on projects and update your certification every three years to ensure that you are well-versed with the changing technology trends.

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