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SOC Weekend Course
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SOC means Security Operations Center is an organization that is responsible for protecting from cyber threats. If a cyber attack is detected, the SOC is responsible for taking necessary actions to remedy it. SOC analysts monitor an organization’s network around the clock and investigate any potential security incidents. 

It includes three building blocks for managing and enhancing the security posture of an organization: people, processes, and technology. Thus, governance and compliance provide a framework linking these building blocks together. A SOC within a building or facility is a central location from which staff monitor the site using data processing technology and typically, a SOC is equipped to monitor and control lighting, alarms, and vehicle barriers.

SOC Analyst Training at Naukri Cyber in Hyderabad will help you master trending and in-demand technical skills to perform various complex SOC operations. These things you will get in this course by Naukari Cyber are – cybersecurity concepts and progress, Advanced forensics, threat intelligence, security incident, and event management solutions. After completing the SOC training courses at Naukri Cyber in Hyderabad, we provide advanced security skills and certification to cybersecurity professionals.

SOC Traning Course

SOC Weekend Course Traning at Naukri Cyber in Hyderabad

Naukri Cyber is a team of cybersecurity professionals that has over 20 years of extraordinary kingship and experience in the industry. Our professional trainers and mentors are subject matter experts in the cyber domain. Naukri Cyber strives to achieve success across the globe by applying real-time work skills, technology skills, and smart skills. This is our mission that calls “from our training institute to the workroom.”
which takes you directly “from our training institute to the workroom”. We highlight what goes on inside organizations and put you in confident “interview seats.” We shed light on what’s going on inside organizations and put you in the “interview seats” with confidence.

Naukri Cyber provides a unique kind of service, we focus on the hardcore technical aspect and real-time working aspects which are very private to the institutions. And no other training institute can offer you to learn but we make students professionals in real need of today’s world. So we do all possible things for our students.

Why Naukri Cyber?

There are a lot of institutes in Hyderabad that are giving training courses about cyber security and networks but they are hiding one thing or can say that they are not qualified to provide that thing, that is – The technical aspect of real-time work in the world.

The Naukri Cyber provides you with the aspect of working in real-time with modern technology and as per the needs of today’s world. Naukri Cyber strives to solve the basic problem between you and real-world requirements. Naukri Cyber provides you with a solid understanding of cyber security which will help you to work in any organization.


Why should do a SOC Course?

If you are interested in cyber security and networks, then you should do this course. Because this is highly demanding in all over world. Every organization wants to protect its data and information and keep away from cyber threats If you want attractive perks & benefits and get a chance to tackle hackers, you should do this course.

Why you should join Naukri Cyber?

If you are looking for a SOC weekend course in Hyderabad, you should try Naukri Cyber Institution because we provide a solid understanding of cyber security and perfect you to real-time world requirements.

What are the top benefits of the SOC Course?

You will get a new opportunity to explore the cyber world with attractive features and benefits. You will get a chance to know another deeper aspect of cyber and networks which is invisible to the common man or general computer operator.

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