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If you are seeking the top 10 cyber security courses in Hyderabad, then you are at the right platform. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad. Firstly we tell you about what is cyber security and how it works. Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It’s also known as information technology security or electronic information security.  These cyberattacks are generally aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users, or interrupting normal business processes.

cybersecurity course In heydrabad

Here Are the List of the Top 10 Cyber Security Courses in Hyderabad:

  1. 360DigiTMG
  2. Hacker School
  3. Jigsaw academy
  4. Amity Online
  5. Edureka
  6. Cyber Pro Track

1. 360 DigiTMG –  In our top list of cybersecurity courses in Hyderabad, we have 360 DigiTMG.

– Duration: 40 hrs 

– Fees: 45K INR

Cybersecurity course at 360DigiTMG, learn about typical attack types and vectors, different types of information security policies, firewalls, detection systems, encryption techniques, cryptography, process controls, disaster recovery, advanced persistent threats, and much more.

The Cyber Security Courses in 360DigiTMG are designed to assist you in commanding the information processing system security norms.

Module Overview:

– Cybersecurity Fundamentals
-Cybersecurity Concepts
-Security Architecture Principles
-Security of Networks, Systems, Applications, & Data
Incident Response
-Security Implications & Adoption of Evolving Technology

2. Hacker School:

-Duration: 6 – 1 year

-Fees: 60k INR

the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, the Hacker School has created the “Cyber Security Professional” courses for those who want to gain deep knowledge into a dynamic and promising course that will help them land in the cybersecurity domain.

Module Overview:

 – An Overview of Cyber Security
– Linux Fundamentals
– Fundamentals of Linux
– Administration and Networking
– Vulnerability Management in Network Security
– Advanced Network penetration testing.
– Fundamentals of the Internet
– Cryptography Active Directory Web Application
– Pentesting Mobile Application
– Wi-Fi Security
– Security in the Cloud
– Operational Security
– Basic Scripting for Binary Exploitation Pentesting

After the Successful Completion of This Course, Candidates Will Be Eligible to Apply for the Following Job Roles:

– Information Security Analyst
-Network Security Professional
-Security Operations Analyst
-Security Analyst
-Security Engineer
-Application Security Analyst etc.

3. Jigsaw Academy:

-Duration: 11 months
-Fees: 1lakh – 2lakh

Jigsaw Academy’s online cybersecurity training in Hyderabad teaches students the fundamentals and advanced principles of cybersecurity, such as how to identify security issues and how to secure data.

Course Overview:

-Linux Administration
-Windows Administration
-Offensive Hacking
-Python for Hacking
-Web Application Penetration Testing
-OSCP Preparation
-Cloud Computing
-Cloud Security

4. Amity Online:

– Duration: 11 months
– Fees: 1,55,000 INR

The Amity online Post-graduate diploma in Cybersecurity will equip you with the knowledge and the abilities you’ll need to succeed in this rapidly expanding field. You’ll learn how to secure your IT infrastructure from top to bottom, which includes how to generate threat intelligence, execute cybersecurity operations, comprehend ICS security, construct cloud-based security, and achieve compliance.

Module Overview:

Module 1 – Cyber Security Building blocks
Module 2  – Scripting for Hackers
Module 3 – CompTIA Security
Module 4– Cyber kill chain and offensive security
Module 5 – Application Security
Module 6 – Cyber SOC

5. Edureka:

-Duration: 4 weeks
-Fees: 15k INR

Edureka is a global e-learning platform that offers live, instructor-led training in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, data science, cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

Course Overview:

– The Introduction to the Cyber Security & the Ethical Hacking
-Computer Networks & Security
-Application and Web Security
-Identity and Access Management
-Vulnerability Analysis & System Hacking
-Sniffing and SQL Injection
-DoS and Session Hijacking

6. Cyber Pro Track:

-Duration: 6 month + 2 months internship
-Fees: 2,25,000 INR

The Cyber Pro is a four-month full-time certifications program with a two-month internship which is established by one of the industry’s most respected information security practitioners and consultants. It includes 9 modules:

– Networking

-Deep Pack-It et Inspection



-Incident Response

-Cloud concepts

-Cyber Forensics

-Cyber Range

-cutting-edge technologies

7. GMR Aviation Academy

GMR Airports Ltd., the airport has divisions of the GMR Group, India’s largest conglomerate that operates the award-winning GMR Aviation Academy (GMR AA), which provides training, executive education, skills development, and aviation consulting. The global presence of GMR group spans Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia apart from India where GMRAA offers the best quality aviation training and consulting to some of the largest and busiest International Airports.

Online Executive Cyber Security Programs
Duration: 2 days
Fees: INR 6,00,000

Online Aviation Cyber Security First Responder
Duration: 12 hours
Fees: INR 10,000
Online Managing Cybersecurity for Airport IT SystemsDuration: 40 hours
Fees: INR 65,000

8. Talent Sprint Hyderabad

The TalentSprint is a National Stock Exchange (NSE) Group Company that offers an EdTech firm headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Its coding boot camps, executive programs, and hybrid digital learning platforms use onsite and online learning experiences.The Advanced Certifications Program in Cyber Security and the Cyber Defenses
Duration: 5 days
Fees: INR 2,20,000

Modules Overview: Block 1: The Foundations of Computing and Cyber Security.
Block 2: Endpoint Security.
Block 3: Secure Coding.
Block 4: Business Infrastructure and Security.

9. IMS Proschool, Hyderabad

IMS Proschool Hyderabad Center offers ACCA, CIMA, IFRS, Financial Modeling, CFA, CFP, Business Analytics, and Digital Marketing courses. Online Certificate in Cyber Security
Duration: 1 year
Fees: INR 1,55,000

10. Koenig Solutions

30,000 Students Trained Every Month
300+In-house Trainers
35+Partner Authorisations For Official Training

30Years of Excellence
Awarded best A Place to Work’

Course: Certified Ethical Hacker

Duration: 5 days
Fees: INR 88,100


According to the above-mentioned article, we provide a list of India’s top 10 cyber security courses in Hyderabad and their durations with their fees at a very reasonable rate. Is up to you which course and institute you choose.