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Network Security Key
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The Network Security key behaves like a password which can be used as a security key to get access to any network. You can say it is a security key or password that can connect Wi-Fi network. With the help of a network security key, you can make a connection between your router and to device means you can connect your computer or mobile from a Wi-Fi network. In the second way, you can indicate it as a network security key that helps protect your network. A network security key helps protect the Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access. 

It is important to create a network security key when you are doing the setup of your wireless router. If you ignore it then you remember, you give access to Spies or intruders who are trying to spy on your connection.

Network Security Key: Importance-

As you know a network security key prevents your computer network from intruders. A network security key helps to protect your data from monitoring, misuse, and modification. But sometimes it can become accessible to any other person due to lack of security.

The best thing about network security is that before accessing data in the network it requires authorization from those who are trying to access it. Network security can be controlled by the network administrator to avoid unauthorized access from intruders. It has often been seen that network security demands a user ID and password before accessing it. Network security can cover both public and private data.

Network Security

Modern Use of Network Security Keys

You may have noticed that when you want to access a network, it starts asking about authorization like- sign up, sign in, username, and password. And, sometimes it asks about two-step verification. If you do have not proper security or password to access the network, you can’t access the data and information.  

If you want to know what is authorization, you can check out some of the security features like – ATM, OTP, Fingerprint, Retinal Scan, and Mobile. In this modern era, where data security is much more important than other things, the role of controlling access from unauthorized access to network security getting more important. You can control unauthorized access from phishing, malware, and harmful data by using anti-virus software. To maintain security and privacy between two hosts using a network it can be encrypted. So here the importance of the network security key becomes greater.

Types of Network Security Keys

To connect to a wireless network, you should enter a password that can help to connect network. Here are the types of network security that you should know- 

You should know every Internet Service Provider (ISP) and manufacturer has different references for network security keys –

  • Password
  • Network or Wi-Fi key
  • network password
  • wireless password
  • WIFI password
  • WEP or WPA key

But you can see they’re all the same thing. You will need a code if you want to connect your device to a secure wireless network. This means that the code is a network security protocol that prevents unauthorized access to the network. It gives the feel of a door lock with lock letters. If you do the keyword wrong you don’t use that network.

The thing to note here is that if there is any network that does not require a password then it is not secure. Think twice before joining such networks.

How to Make Your Network Secure?

  • Always be careful about open public networks.
  • If a network does not require authentication, never connect.
  • The network is not secure without a password.
  • More attention should be paid to choosing public Wi-Fi.

Types of Wireless Networks


  • Older wireless security protocol but you can use it with older systems.
  • Easy to break and hard to configure.
  • We do not recommend this as it puts your network at risk.


  • Wi-Fi Protected Access. WPA is the successor to WEP.
  • More advanced protocols with additional features.
  • It is still vulnerable to many cyber attacks.

WPA 2 –

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access.
  • WPA uses AES encryption.
  • To prevent unauthorized access make your internet data encrypted.
  • Safe option but not the safest option.

WPA 3 –

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access, introduced as a replacement for WPA 2.
  • It uses strong encryption.
  • Available in personal and enterprise modes.

Let’s  Discuss the Way to Find the Network Security Key-

Find the network security key in the router

  • The router is usually turned off for a better experience.
  • Set a strong password for your wireless network.
  • Type your IP address into the browser.
  • Enter the username and password, which was provided by the supplier.
  • You can check your Control Panel for the security password.

Find the network security key in the desktop device

  • Go to Control Panel and select Network and Internet.
  • Then click ‘View networks and tasks’.
  • Next, select Manage Wireless Networks and then right-click on the network and then select Properties.
  • Go to the Security tab and click to show characters.
  • Now you can see the password.

You can try this other method for a PC

  • Press the Start menu and click Search.
  • Type cmd and click on the Enter button. After this click on Run as Administrator.
  • Input netsh wlan in the command prompt to display all the networks connected to your device and show profiles.
  • Now your usage plan is back, input netsh wlan show profile accepted modem key=clear.
  • Replace “AcceptedModems” with your network name.
  • You should then have all your Wi-Fi network details back on your desktop, including all security keys.

Find the Network Security Key in Android

  • Open your phone’s Settings.
  • Select ‘Network and Internet Settings’
  • Keep scrolling and select ‘Advanced network settings’.
  • In some phones, it will show ‘More network adapter settings’
  • Here click on the show icon, now you will be able to see the security network key.
  • You can try this other method for Android
  • Click Settings>Connections>Select the current network (the one you are connected to).
  • Now you can see a QR code, you can scan this QR code or click on show password.


Is there any type of risks in public safety networks?

Yes! There are a lot of risks when using public networks, it can be harmful to your devices, data, and information. You should pay more attention when you are trying to use a public network because your information may be accessed by an unauthorized party or unknown person.

If the above-given method is not working, what should to do?

Restart your system or update or change network adapter settings. You can check your network adapter device. Sometimes it may take a lot of time but we hope that after this your device will start working much better.

Can you suggest me better product for network security?

You should visit the online portal or visit the nearest internet service provider. Here are the things you should consider when purchasing any network security device –
New version and update
stronger version of the product
easy to use
You may get expensive or flashy products but choose wisely because network security is the most important thing for internet service in this modern era.

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